Rebranding 2024

Why are we doing this?

  • We want to increase the perception and attractiveness of REISSER for business partners, employees and future colleagues. 
  • We want to further strengthen the idea of "One REISSER - One Team". 
  • We want our corporate mission statement to be reflected in our corporate image. 
  • We want an effective and flexible image with high identification and recognition value for all relevant applications (e.g. catalogues, social media, trade fairs) 

→ an appearance with a WOW factor

Meaning of the new logo

Word mark: 

Just as reduced and clear, the recess in the capital E picks up the element of the figurative mark again and provides support between the word and figurative mark, while also being a unique selling point that creates a high level of identification. 

Figurative mark: 

Abstract representation of a screw thread, but at the same time so reduced that the figurative mark symbolises the uncomplicated and adaptable brand and product -> innovation 

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