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REISSER Schraubentechnik is synonymous with the development and production of innovative fastening elements and services for professionals - made in Germany. 

Founded in 1921, REISSER Schraubentechnik has developed into a specialist company for fastening and connection elements with its own production facility in Ingelfingen-Criesbach. Our core competence of stainless steel screw production brings together first-class manufacturing expertise and over 100 years of experience. We supply high-quality fasteners and top-class services for professionals in the fields of Wood construction, decking, building envelopes (roofs, facades), solar, industry, window construction and mullion and transom fastenings. The connection elements are finished in the company's own electroplating facility, which also provides coating solutions for components used in a wide range of industries. We support the specialist trade with our fastening elements and sophisticated sales systems for the point of sale.

From autumn 2024 onwards, our products will be shipped from our company's own logistics centre in Osterburken. Today, some 360 colleagues ensure the success of the REISSER Group and that of our customers. 

Quality Made in Germany

Top quality is standard at our production site in Germany. Our customers can rely on our specialists’ many years of experience and on our extensive, high-quality machinery and equipment. With both we’re constantly innovating and guaranteeing high efficiency and consistent quality made in Germany.

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Coating specialists

At our own in-house electroplating facility we provide coating solutions for many components used in industries such as the automotive industry, valve technology and mechanical engineering. Our options for surface coatings are ideal for both individual special requirements and large quantities.

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Our competence - stainless steel

As an industry specialist in the manufacture of stainless steel screws, we manufacture quality products made of A2, A4, A5 and A8 stainless steel in accordance with the standards applicable to the respective applications.

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Reisser locations

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REISSER TEHNIC S.R.L. Filiala Romania
Calea Baciului Nr. 1
400230 Cluj Napoca, Romania

+40 264 434 097
F +40 264 434 097


Germany (head office)

REISSER Schraubentechnik GmbH
Fritz-Müller-Straße 10
74653 Ingelfingen-Criesbach, Germany

T +49 7940 127-0
F +49 7940 127-49



REISSER Csavar Kft
Vasútállomás Hrsz. 018
2066 Szár, Hungary

T +36 225 912 20
F +36 225 912 30




Construction of a new logistics centre in Osterburken. 45 million EUR investment.


Anniversary: 100 years of REISSER Schraubentechnik


New electroplating facility: 2000 square-metre hall with a zinc drum system, investment of 7 million EUR. 


Construction of a 4000 square-metre production and office building. 6.5 million EUR investment.



Another expansion of the production area by 3000 square meters and the electroplating shop by 1350 square metres, including a new sewage system



Expansion of the production area by 3000 square metres


Takeover by the Würth Group


Construction of high-bay warehouse and weighing facility / expansion of the company buildings and production with fully automated container warehouse



New building in Criesbach: Electroplating, warehouse, recreation rooms and administrative building



Move to new premises in the Bahnhofstraße, Künzelsau


Start of screw production in Künzelsau, first electroplating expansion


Construction of Works 1 in Künzelsau, start of surface finishing


Takeover of the Busch general goods business in Kupferzell. This was followed shortly afterwards by shops in Künzelsau and Öhringen and sales to Silesia and Hungary.


Mutual trust, dependability, honesty and straightforwardness are basic principles that are firmly anchored in the Würth Group. Commitment to these values can already be found in Reinhold Würth's company philosophy that dates back to the 1970s. It is not only about compliance with rules and laws, but also about the inner attitude of all employees as an essential building block for the company's success.

We want to promote this inner attitude at REISSER Schraubentechnik too. At the same time, we also demand strict compliance with all applicable national and international rules and laws. To make this transparent for all business partners, we refer to the Würth Group’s Code of Compliance. We are committed to behaving with integrity in our dealings with one another and with our business partners.

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Speak up

Despite having every intention to comply with the rules, people can nevertheless behave incorrectly within our company. For example, studies show that information received from third parties often leads to the investigation of white-collar crimes. That's why we have set up a system with which not only employees of the Würth Group but also third parties can pass on to us information about serious compliance violations. This is the internet-based Speak Up.

If you would like to provide us with information via this system, you can do so either by name or anonymously. However, as we seek open communication, we would like to encourage you to mention your name when giving us information. In all cases we will treat your information in the strictest of confidence, and will take into account the legitimate interests of all parties involved. Please create a mailbox in Speak Up through which we can contact you.

This is important if you have any questions or if you want to add further information to your report later. Communication via the mailbox can also take place anonymously, if desired.

The sole purpose of the Speak Up system is to draw attention to suspected white-collar crime or defined, serious compliance violations within the Würth Group. Misuse for other purposes can constitute a criminal offence.

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