Wood construction World of Applications

Strong in wood construction. Versatile in wood. Robust and resilient screws for wood applications such as roof constructions, over-rafter insulation and wood frame construction.

Secure fastening solutions for modern wood construction

Wood construction is a fascinating and sustainable construction method that is becoming increasingly popular. The use of wood as a building material offers numerous advantages in terms of the environment, aesthetics and building functionality. As a natural and renewable raw material, wood has a low CO2 footprint and so makes a positive contribution towards protecting the climate. Wood also offers great stability and durability. In our wood construction World of Applications, we’d like to introduce you to our wide range of fastening options for wood construction and show you how you can benefit from them. Let's dive together into the world of wood construction!

Finishing highlight in wood construction

Wood construction screw

DNS Plus

Perfected for all wood applications

No pre-drilling and no tool change required
Time and cost savings

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More safety for your construction project

ETA approval for certified screw connections

The European Technical Assessment ETA is a generally recognised proof of a construction product’s technical suitability within the meaning of the Council Directive of the European Community 89/106/EEC dated 21st December 1988.

An ETA has been issued for our screws DNS plus, HBS, TKS, R2 plus, DRIBO, SPARIBO, UHB, wood connector screw and wood facade screw.

The following components are mandatory for a valid ETA approval of your screw connections:

European Technical Assessment

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a generally recognised proof of a construction product’s technical suitability within the meaning of the Construction Products Regulation in the EU member states.

Performance Declaration

The performance declaration for a product is the written confirmation of the responsible manufacturer in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation. With this declaration, the customer declares and confirms with binding effect that the product possesses the properties specified on the declaration.

CE mark

The CE mark on a product’s label is intended to ensure that the correct product with the specified technical characteristics is used based on the information provided. At the same time, it forms the basis for proof of marketability.

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