Outstanding substructure solution for RVFwith just one screw.
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REISSER Schraubentechnik is synonymous with the development and production of innovative fastening elements and top-class services for professionals - made in Germany.

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From industrial roofing to agricultural buildings and stables to small projects such as car ports or pergolas - we offer the right fastening solution for a wide variety of roofing and profile types that can also withstand a wide range of climate conditions such as wind, temperature or precipitation.

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For building cladding in the visible area of a facade, the focus is on an attractive appearance and functionality. We offer a carefully coordinated range for many different facade profiles that can withstand a wide variety of climate conditions such as wind, temperature and precipitation. For a perfect colour match to your facade, we also offer the option of painting the head.

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Rear-ventilated facade

With rear-ventilated facades, the focus is on the structural separation of the thermal insulation and weather protection functions. Our fastening solutions have been specifically developed to meet these technical challenges and ensure simple, secure and reliable installation in every rear-ventilated facade application.

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Edge part fastening

At the corners or edges of industrial building envelopes, the textured sheets on the facade or in the roof area are connected and clad with a wide variety of edge profiles. We offer a much more efficient fastening solution than the usual rivet mounting. Discover the flashing screw and see for yourself the benefits it offers and its attractive appearance on the building envelope.

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Fastening attachments

Industrial steel frame construction often involves the need to penetrate and join together thick materials. Use our fastening solutions to fasten your steel bolts or other solid connectors quickly and precisely when building steel support structures such as steel platforms, load-bearing substructures and even indoor steel doors.

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With our extensive range of fasteners, you’re in a professional position for all aspects of PV & solar system installation. From installing short and long aluminium profiles or other special clip systems onto textured sheets, to connecting solar systems on many different types of shingle roofs and fastening roof hooks onto wood rafters in the traditional way - we can provide you with everything from a single source.

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Wood construction

Strong in wood construction. Versatile in wood. Robust and resilient screws for wood applications such as roof constructions, over-rafter insulation and wood frame construction.

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Window construction

Discover our high-quality screws, specially developed for window construction! Our screws offer a reliable and secure fixing solution for all types of window frames. Whether you want to install wood windows or uPVC windows, our screws give you the strength and durability you need. 

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Interior fittings

A range of screws for finishing work inside a building, such as creating floor, wall and ceiling claddings.

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Furniture construction

A selection of wood screws for furniture construction applications such as carcase assembly and more deliver visually appealing end results.

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Terrace construction

REISSER offers a range of different screw types to suit the substructure and provide stable and durable decking board fastening.

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DIN & standard parts

Here you’ll find a selection of metric screws, nuts and washers that comply with the existing standards.

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We work with you to develop the perfect fastening elements for your specific application, whether it’s for jobs involving wood, light metals, die-cast metal, plastic or steel. Benefit from our many years of manufacturing expertise.

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A selection of the right tools and accessories for efficient working and optimum results. We’ve got the right drill bits, sealing washers, bit sets and much more.

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Finishing highlight

Spacer screw


The outstanding mounting system for the RVF.

simple, sustainable, quick, removable

DNS Plus

Perfected for all wood applications

No pre-drilling and no tool change required
Time and cost savings

Chipless on the building envelope.

RP-TD (-P)

Double cost and time saving thanks to the patented geometry.

Simply secure - the original from REISSER.

REFABO plus self-drilling screw


It drills at the same time.

Guaranteed to be secure in the right area.

Rather repellent

Saddle washers

For sturdy top chord installation on roofs.

A perfect fit thanks to a perfected shape

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Perfect services to meet your individual needs

What we tackle is accurate down to the millimetre. We’d be happy to demonstrate this for you through the various services we provide.

Individual customer solutions

We provide our customers with the right product for every job. If it’s not yet in our range, we’ll develop and manufacture it for you.


Specialist dealer search

Use our dealer search to find the right specialist dealer in your area. No need for major detours to find our high-quality products. Just filter by location and application. Our qualified specialist dealers will help you plan and select the right products for your project.


Goods presentation

We’re also happy to support you as a specialist dealer with the sale of goods. This starts with the construction, set-up, stocking and maintenance of the shelves, and continues with the evaluation of qualitative and quantitative sales all the way through to the after-sales service provided by one of our contacts in the back office. The focus of our work here is fully on your sales success.


Dimensioning software

Our professional dimensioning software will assist you in doing your work to an expert standard and in optimising your project planning costs.



Finishing is one of the crucial quality aspects in screw production. REISSER provides you with quick, flexible and comprehensive service and support for all your coating requirements and logistics issues.


"The company's development is the sum of smart and courageous decisions, combined with the unconditional will to progress and grow."

Alexander Kimmerle & Michael Dartsch
Directors, REISSER Schraubentechnik GmbH

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