Management systems for quality, energy and the environment


We have developed an integrated management system in order to achieve our goals. This includes the quality management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1996, the environmental management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 in 2011 and the energy management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 in 2014.

We regularly provide information and resources to implement improvement projects. These projects form the basis for evaluating the goals we have set ourselves and are also used to define new goals. Appropriate monitoring methods ensure that we comply with all legal requirements and achieve ongoing improvements.

In our company, the focus is on people's satisfaction – both our customers' and our colleagues'. People treating each other and the environment with mutual respect is something that matters a great deal to us. A close and cooperative partnership is important to us and enables us to meet customers' specific wishes and ensure the company's success. We are happy to enter into a personal exchange with other interested parties, and we give every matter our individual consideration.

With regard to our colleagues, we take this to mean acting in a sustainable and environmentally-sensible manner, as well as everyone cooperating in order to achieve high quality and in so doing make the company successful. To survive in the face of global competition, we depend on the high quality products that can only be made thanks to our colleagues’ high level of expertise. That's why ongoing training is encouraged and required at all times. Through this we also increase and maintain safety awareness in our work. We also have balanced health protection programmes. A bonus system to enable people to promote their own ideas rounds off what we offer. We reinforce the togetherness of the REISSER family through a variety of activities such as company parties, outings or Christmas festivities.


We regard protecting the environment and constantly improving energy efficiency as two important corporate goals. By having an appropriate management system, we ensure that the relevant tasks are implemented in all operational functions and at all levels. One important management task is to increase resource efficiency, thereby reducing the environmental impact. The procurement and design of new equipment is also geared towards this. Even when designing new products and processes, we consider their environmental compatibility, the economical use of the resources employed and the avoidance/reduction of waste/emissions. We also ensure that waste is separated and recycled according to type. The technologies we use comply with all legal requirements specifications and even go one step further in terms of resource conservation.


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We place strict quality demands on our products, and in conjunction with that we also strive to continuously improve all our processes. This includes sustainable, environmentally-responsible and energy-efficient production. Our high standards start at the supplier with the energy-efficient procurement of environmentally-friendly raw materials, and end with our extensive range of services, reliable logistics and products that deliver added benefits for the processor. The high standard of our German-based production ensures high-quality products and processes in line with the current state of the art.


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We are committed to responsible energy management. Wherever possible, we apply energy efficiency to the facilities and equipment at our location. We manage our energy consumption to improve profitability, productivity and working conditions, as well as to protect the environment.


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