REISSER DNS® plus: The fast universal screw for wood applications

Application of the DNS plus


With the DNS plus wood screw, REISSER Schraubentechnik GmbH offers a new fastening means for fast and secure screw fastening with a double thread or coarse thread and the SIT® drive.

REISSER DNS plus wood screw


The newly approved REISSER DNS plus wood screw with its SIT drive guarantees fast drive finding, wobble-free screw fastening and maximum power transmission without the risk of overtightening.

Special requirements for product quality and processing efficiency are fully satisfied. DNS plus is included in the REISSER design software and provides tested and monitored quality through the existing ETA approval, as well as CE marking as a construction product.

Two models are available: the REISSER DNS plus wood screw (from Ø 3.0 mm) and the REISSER DNS plus wood construction screw (from Ø 5.0 mm). The area of application of the DNS plus wood screw is interior fittings, as well as handicraft and industrial furniture construction. The DNS plus wood construction screw is also used for interior fittings and in wood construction.

The REISSER DNS plus can be processed with a standard Bit TX without any problems. Due to the flat countersunk head with universal milling pockets, the DNS plus screw can be used for wood screw connections and fitting assembly since no damage is caused to the metal. Indoor furniture fittings can be securely fastened, as can wood-based panels on wooden substructures for interior fittings and in wooden element construction. It can also be screwed to wooden structures that are subject to static loads and require approval and be used to insulate overhead rafters.

The existing double thread or coarse thread makes a quick screw connection possible.

With the double thread of the DNS wood screw, two threads, one inside the other, save time up to 50 % during screw fastening in comparison with conventional chipboard screws. Thanks to smaller distances due to the two threads, stability in the wood increases.

With the coarse thread of the DNS wood construction screw, on the other hand, the high thread pitch ensures a high screw-fastening speed and a reduced/decreased splitting effect. The additional end mill of the DNS wood construction screw widens the screw channel in the component being fastened, which in turn reduces stress, especially in the case of long screws.

The SPI tip enables a precise and immediate screwing start thanks to the needle tip. In addition, the thread at the tip significantly minimises the splitting effect.

An electric or pneumatic screwdriver is required for processing. Ideally, this is carried out with direct screw fastening without pre-drilling and pre-sinking (depending on the processing situation and the condition of the wood).