RT UNI-C Decking screw

The REISSER RT UNI-C is manufactured from corrosion- and acid-resistant stainless steel A4 directly at the company headquarters in Criesbach, Germany. It is a high-quality "Made in Germany" product ideally suited for permanent use in outdoor areas that are exposed to weather conditions, including in areas with special climatic conditions, such those near the coast. Thanks to its diameter of 6.0 mm and length of up to 100 mm, the RT UNI-C is perfect for processing large board thicknesses. It is suitable for all types of wood — even woods containing a large amount of tannic acid and modified woods.

The RT UNI-C was developed in order to make it possible to screw all common softwoods, hardwoods and tropical woods onto wooden substructures with additional large board thicknesses outdoors too, such as in the construction of bridges or platforms, but also in terrace construction as well as in gardening and landscaping.

The RT UNI-C decking screw is equipped with a countersunk head with milling ribs and SIT® drive. The milling ribs ensure effective milled recessing of the head in wood and allow for absolutely flush countersinking. They not only guarantee an attractive final result, but also reduce the risk of injury.

Processing with a standard bit TX is possible. Processing with a SIT® bit also enables faster drive finding and wobble-free screwing. A SIT® bit is included in the screw pack.

The existing thread under head allows the component to be pressed firmly into place and prevents the wood connectors from creaking or wobbling. The thread under head provides secure support and securely fixes the terrace boards onto the substructure. With the reinforced core in the special thread, the decking screw more stable and robust and offers a high breakage resistance. The DRIBO® drill element enables an immediate screwing start and combines drilling, screwing and countersinking in a single step. In addition, the drill element minimises the splitting effect in the wood.

After production, the RT UNI-C made of stainless steel A4 is pickled in the in-house electroplating facility, passivated and coated with anti-friction coating, which considerably reduces the screw-in resistance.

Wooden boards (B1)

RT spacer (RT31)


Application recommendation:

Length 50 mm for max. 20 mm boards

Length 60 mm for max. 27 mm boards

Length 70 mm for max. 30 mm boards

Length 80 mm for max. 37 mm boards

Length 100 mm for max. 60 mm boards

Usage: approx. 30 pieces/m²